Hyundai and Apple could form an alliance to create cars

This combination could lead to a conceptual model next year.

It is not uncommon to see some technology companies or companies outside the automotive industry seek to form a strategic alliance with a car manufacturer, and this is about to happen again. There are several international reports that suggest that Apple and Hyundai could form a collaboration agreement.

Apple’s intentions to create a vehicle are not new, in fact, it has long been known that the technology firm seeks to make it happen. In recent times it was said that this could finally happen in 2024, but there could be a variable this time.

Hyundai contribution

That is where the South Korean conglomerate comes in, since reports affirm that Hyundai would be the one who can make this really be reflected in facts, since it would be an electric vehicle, which could be based on the platform recently presented by the Asian firm.

The details are not fully closed yet, but the information indicates that the talks would be well advanced and that this could lead to the presentation of a concept car for 2022.


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But the efforts would not stop in a concept car, they would take the idea to production and the model, which would be sold under the Apple label, could be released in 2024, surely with the aforementioned electrification and advanced technology, such as autonomous driving, for example.

The initial idea of ​​the brand based in Palo Alto, California, was to produce 100,000 units annually, but, with the help of Hyundai, the number of cars per year could grow to 400,000, according to recent information from sources like Reuters.

It is expected that no later than March both parties formalize the agreement, which also would leave Hyundai in charge of producing the vehicle, a fact that would occur in the United States, probably at the group’s plant in Georgia, where Kia currently produces several of its current portfolio models.

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