“I did not want to retire without winning a European Cup as captain”

Sergio Lozano there was no room for joy after conquering the third Champions
League of the FC Barcelona, something that only he has conquered in the club since he was also in 2012 and 2014. In the previous one he coincided with Dyego Y Aicardo, present in 2020. The captain was ecstatic. “I feel immense happiness. We had been preparing this tournament for a long time. We have been shown to have a winning gene. We had to catch hold of the game after getting ahead, “he said before remembering the context of this year:” I want to dedicate a few words to all those who have had a bad time and to people who have left us in this pandemic that has caused havoc. If there are people who have enjoyed in the middle of all this, we celebrate it more ”.

Lozano He appreciated the effort of the whole team: “Where one partner does not arrive, another arrives and that has made us win.” And he recalled how good this title tastes for him: “I didn’t want to retire without winning a European Cup as captain. Here it is. And dedicate it to all the Catalans who have always supported us even after the defeats. Now it tastes better. I have lived a real ordeal with injuries, I have suffered a lot and winning in 2020 after what we have experienced tastes of true glory. This one has more merit than the other two that I have won in the Barça. Play the next edition thanks to this title? There is nothing more important than being the European champion. I would have preferred to be even if I couldn’t play the next tournament and now we will try to win another one when it arrives.

Dídac Plana: “I have dreamed of this many times”

For its part, Didac Plana, decisive with his saves before retiring just over a minute from the end due to injury and leaving his place to Miquel Feixas, he also hallucinated with his first Champions. “I have dreamed of this many times and little by little the things that I have wanted so much are coming true. The score was short but it was necessary to put everything, with character so that this did not escape. It will be a night to remember many moments “, he said before remembering the double prize:” It was one of the objectives to be champion to return to dispute the Champions with a new format that will make it more difficult and from now on we will play to revalidate the title ”.

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