After yesterday's release of a brilliant cover from Happy Together, a new interview with Gerard Way about The Guardian went online today (February 9) – and in it, the former frontman of My Chemical Romance has rejoined the talk of reunification.

At first, Gerard discussed the band's 2010 Danger Days record. Gerard commented on the pressure My Chem had on his success: "When things get successful and they're doing really well, many people have an opinion and that's the case when you get into a fight. Everyone had a damn opinion about what MCR should be. So it was hard to figure out which way to go. They are caught in this trap: "Will it ever be good enough?"

"It was not fun to do anything more," he added. "I think breaking the band broke us out of this machine."

Gerard also showed that My Chemical Romance is "constantly coming back" and receiving reunification offers. "It's flattering, it's really nice of people …" he said, adding, "I miss playing with the boys, but I do not think so …"

However, in an interview with Billboard last month, Gerard revealed that the Umbrella Academy on the set of the new Netflix series was inspired to write new solo music.

"When I was on the set on the first day, we looked at the very first shot, a scene between Ellen [Page, who plays Vanya] and Aidan [Gallagher, who plays Number Five]'It's the very last shot of the pilot and they're talking about the end of the world and it's going to turn black,' he said. "And a song came to my mind and I started to write that song, which I finally recorded. I'm not done yet, but it's a song I'd like to give to the show. "

The musician also showed that his focus lately has not only been on the Umbrella Academy – he wrote "a lot of writing".

"Next to the family, there are three things that are most important, "he continues. "First, I write these two comics, Umbrella Academy and Doom Patrol. Two, making music once a week, and releasing new songs – I've tried to do this every month, but now it's getting longer gaps in releasing songs. And then my well being is the other thing, like my physical fitness and my diet, big changes in life and quit smoking, things like that. I have not cared for myself for the last two or three years when I wrote comics. I'm starting to really take care of myself again. "

The Umbrella Academy is available on the 15th of February. Take a look at the epic trailer below: