TThroughout the interview, Mr. Giuliani keeps coming back to his allegations of Biden. Squeezing on Trump's game book, he calls Mr. Biden "Dirty Joe" and claims that the "corrupt" media display a double standard by not taking claims more seriously.

"If you change the names here of Donald Trump and Donald Trump Jr, they would do our work for us," he told the press. The Bidens vehemently denied wrongdoing.

Keeping the former mayor within the bounds of the issue turns out to be tricky. When asked again if he denies having a political motive, he begins to talk about Mr. Biden's motives. It is unclear whether he misunderstood, but attempts to result in a reprimand.

"You must let me finish," says Giuliani. "You continue to interrupt and I suppose you want to cross-examine me rather than know the truth. It seems to me that you have trouble understanding the extremely incriminating facts about Joe Biden and that you are trying to draw all the conclusions that are binding on me. "

It is not disputed that Mr Biden requested that Ukraine's public prosecutor, Viktor Shokin, be dismissed. It is also true that Mr Shokin had already investigated the Ukrainian gas company, of which Mr Biden's son Hunter Biden was a member of the board of directors. But Biden did it alongside other European countries who thought Mr. Shokin was too lenient on corruption. In addition, the Burisma company investigation was abandoned prior to the application.