“I just want everything to end and there is a sentence”

At 23:53 on March 3, 2018, Marcos Servera he called his father on the phone. She had just landed in London and, after leaving the suitcases in room B3 at the Mayflower Hotel, she spoke to him for three minutes and 12 seconds. “He told me it was fucking cold. That he had gone out to smoke and didn’t even light his cigarette.” They both agreed to speak the next day, but Marcos no longer answered. On the morning of March 5, hotel staff found him dead in his bed. “Carbon monoxide poisoning“The autopsy concluded. More than two and a half years later, his father keep waiting for the investigation to close.

“I can’t believe that knowing the how, where and when, this is still open,” he criticizes. “I made it very clear from the first moment that I was not seeking compensation. What I want is that everything is over and that there is a sentence“To find out the news of the case, he has been writing to the British police and the consulate of Spain in London, but about three years after the death of his son, he has tired of the delays in the case. One of the last messages from the inspector who is in charge of the investigation arrived on December 17: “As always, I apologize for the time it is taking to advance in our system, “he said goodbye to it.

Marcos studied audiovisual production and worked for various Spanish media.

Days after Marcos’ death, the coroner’s report dropped a paragraph about how the events occurred: “The room where the two men were staying was downstairs next to (…) several boilers. The first reports suggest that on March 2, 2018, there was a failure in one of the boilers. ” The second man referred to is Esteban, a friend of Marcos who was found in critical condition in the room. After being transferred to the emergency hospital and induced into a coma, he survived. “In the room, carbon monoxide was measured and, apparently, the levels were so high that they were outside the equipment“explains the coroner.

In September 2018, the agents in charge of the investigation sent the father an email that had the same idea: “The boiler has been examined and found to be defective and poorly adjusted.” “The police investigation is, in essence, negligent manslaughter and the main staff have just been interviewed after giving statements to the police. “More than two years later, the thesis is upheld, but Marcos’ father, who shares a name with his son, is still haunted by a doubt:” What They call sweet death because they fall asleep, but it doesn’t add up to me. I don’t think my son fell asleep. I think it came to suffocation“.

“I can’t believe that knowing how, where and when, this is still open,” he criticizes. “I made it very clear that I was not seeking compensation”

His fear is based on the coroner’s explanation of what happened on March 4, the day before Marcos was found dead: “Around noon, the hotel manager and a maintenance worker entered his room because they had heard a strange noise and described the occupants as acting silly, vomiting in and next to the bed. The manager and worker assumed they were intoxicated with alcohol and left the room. ” After confirming the toxicological report that Marcos had not ingested alcohol, his father does not get this episode out of his head: “It burns me to say it, but I think my son’s death was not sweet“.

Doubts like that are what lead him to ask that the case be closed at once and, tired of delays, underlines an email that the consulate sent him in April 2019 to justify the time it was taking for the process to reach the trial: “I understand that the situation can be summarized in which the hotel pIt seems to have made the investigation difficult, in that the intervention of three different organisms also complicates the investigation. [policía, ayuntamiento y departamento de Health and Safety] and that the detective who handled the case until a few weeks ago did not refer the case beforehand to the prosecution, which would have allowed further progress in instruction. ”

Marcos Servera, with his father.
Marcos Servera, with his father.

In the message, the consulate also explained the phases that the investigation should follow: “The ‘coroner’ [similar a un juez de instrucción] is currently in charge of investigating the circumstances of death, but his function is not to purge responsibilities (which will be seen in the corresponding criminal and / or civil process), but to determine who, how and when died, and to make the appropriate recommendations for the future. However, until the investigation is complete, it can give certain guidelines. “At the moment, the case remains in the hands of the judge, but the latest messages that have been sent indicate that it is already in the final stretch.

“The summary of the investigation has been sent to a specialized prosecutor in the matter for the review of the case. We understand, from what was explained above by the police in charge of the investigation, that the prosecution has to study the evidence, qualify the crime and to give the opportune guides to finalize the investigation “, they wrote to him the past 4 of January from the consulted one. “As a result of you currently reviewing the matter, [la fiscal] wrote to the coroner and asked him the review of the 14th was postponed [de diciembre], to allow you to fully evaluate the matter, “said the police message referred to in the previous email.

The London hotel where Marcos died in March 2018. (EFE)
The London hotel where Marcos died in March 2018. (EFE)

The meeting postponed in December is supposed to be held this Wednesday, but Marcos has had enough of waiting. Although the Foreign Ministry assures El Confidencial that “the Consulate General of Spain in London has been closely monitoring this case” and that “from the outset there is continuous communication by phone and email with the family of the deceased, both with the mother (through his lawyer) as with his father “, he considers that not enough attention has been paid to the event:” What apologize for the delay in informing me is already recurring in the emails I receive, “he criticizes.

While waiting for the meeting that is scheduled for this Wednesday, Marcos crosses his fingers that the emails give way to a sentence in the coming months: “It is not that you are investigating a collective murder. The death of a single one is being investigated. person: my son, who is Spanish, “he argues. “It is as if the duel were a book that you had to read and you have found a chapter that is unfinished. The war is over, but peace does not come“.

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