“I love low sounds to get a lot of groove”

Ibiza regular musician, dj and producer Rich Nxt is part of that generation of house and techno artists who achieved a genuine scene in London

– How is your artistic evolution?
– I come from London and have been playing music most of my life, be it keyboards, drums or wind instruments. I got into electronic music when I was in school using some of the original sequencers like Pro24 and Notator. Since then it has been a learning experience. Much of the production skills came in around the same time Fuse London started, so I was able to start releasing regularly alongside DJing at parties.

– How are you doing now? Are you DJing a lot online?
– I am doing it right. Like everyone, I am frustrated by the second wave of lockdowns and wish the industry was back to normal now, but I know I can’t change this so I will continue to get the most out of production, sample making and teaching as long as I have time. I have also played some online sets for Paradise, Beatport X or The Arch and will soon have a good broadcast with Fuse and DJ Mag for the album.

– Your tasty sets have a personal touch that perfectly mixes wonderful rhythms, warm pads and musical emotions that many of your fans say are addictive. What is the secret sound of your style?
– The bass I suppose, or rather the many bass! I like to work with sub-bass along with mid-bass to get a lot of groove on the tracks without going too high end, so the tracks work without percussion or hats. If they can do this then I know it will work!
– Are you producing new products at the moment in your studio?
– Yes, I have been working on remixes for the next releases of What NxT, by Agus García, Nicola Brusegan and Matthew, as well as a remix for Viva Music. I have a collaborative EP with Christian Burkhardt on Kaluki at the end of the month and with Quenum on INFUSE early next year!

– Who are your artists of reference?
– I have many references in music, such as Konrad Black, Steve Bug, Art Department, Tiga, Roni Size, Kruder and Dorfmeister. I love all genres of music and many of my early favorites were Rock and Metal like Soundgarden and Metallica. Hardcore and Jungle also played an important role in my music education. Some of my all-time favorites are white labels from this era.

– How do you produce your music in the studio? What software platforms do you use? Do you play any musical instrument?
– Yes, I use Ableton live as my main workstation, with many virtual instruments from Native Instruments and Rob Papen. Out of the box, I have many Grooveboxes such as the Roland MC303 and the Yamaha RM1X. I also like to use instruments like guitar and drums in my work, you get a lot of variety by trying different things in the studio.

– Ibiza-London, a strong musical bond that has lasted a long time. Do you remember your first time in Ibiza and how you started to connect musically with the island?
– Yes, it was in 2001, we were on vacation in Mallorca and we saw a ferry to Ibiza. We packed a small suitcase and spent two nights. It was great because we went to Amnesia and Space and we got hooked right then. The atmosphere of the clubs, the appearance of the island. We didn’t know anyone there; Before we found the clubs we found a bar with some bright lights and I remember asking someone if that was Manumission. That’s how little I knew!

– Among the hundreds of clubs you have played in, is there a particular disco or festival that made you dream?
– Last year I had some highlights playing Fabric and Tobacco Dock in London, Warehouse Project in Manchester, SASH in Sydney and DC-10 in Ibiza. These are all larger rooms, but because they are so well done that they can still feel intimate when you play games, this is my dream!

– What relationship do you have with social networks, do you use them a lot to promote yourself?
– I love him and I hate him. I have found that a DJ of my level will find it difficult to compete for gigs if I don’t take the time to tackle social media properly as it is a place people look to when planning parties and festivals. So it’s almost as important as posting good music to improve your artist profile.

– How is the London music scene now?
– In London, I produce music in my home studio and often collaborate with my good friends Enzo Siragusa, Seb Zito and East End Dubs. The scene is exciting in London and we have some great venues. We have suffered from the closure of many small and medium-sized stores in recent years, which does not help the scene at all.

– What song or artist did you like the most to play in 2020?
– I loved playing all the tracks on my album this year and also the music from the collaborations that are coming out with Christian Burkhardt and Quenum.

– You are a food lover. What is your favorite dish when you come to Ibiza?
– Yes, I am a great food lover and eating in Ibiza is one of life’s true pleasures! The seafood is probably my favorite, calamari, octopus, lobster and baked fish. I love the Padrón peppers and tapas too. Paella is a real treat too!

– Do you have a secret place when you come to Ibiza?
– I love swimming in Punta de Galera, visiting Formentera and Cala Comte at sunset. Boutique Hostal Salinas is one of my favorite places to eat.


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