“I miss the Campeche carnival, I’m a fan of Sabina and addicted to Batman”

When he was young, the president of the Local Board of the National Electoral Institute (INE), Sergio Ruiz, played basketball with his friends in Campeche, until he injured his right knee and could not play anymore, so his taste gave a 180 degree turn to dive into the Justice League comics and the saga of Star Wars.

During the weekends or on vacations, the person in charge of the next federal election in Nuevo León walked to his grandparents’ house on the beach, but because he was swept away by a hurricane, now the memories of that home live in his mind, treasuring friendship and his family, with whom he maintains contact via Facebook.

One of the anecdotes that follows the president of the INE is when he traveled to the United States and spoke with a North American citizen in English, despite his bad pronunciation, he launched himself and said “I love you” (I love you) when in reality he wanted say “I love coke” (I love Coca-Cola), a situation that blush.

What is the best memory of your youth?

I was born in 1973. In Campeche I had a group of friends and we went to the beach to live together, it was a very healthy and participatory youth. We went to parties, dances, carnivals, played basketball.

Did they go to carnivals?

Yes, in Campeche the oldest carnival is held and as it is a place with several emblematic institutions, there was the Queen of the Carnival, that of the Casino …


Yes and no. I danced in carnivals and was a chamberlain several times. I am not very given to dance, that is, if you put me a song and show me the steps, well I enter it, but I am not very fond of dancing because I feel heavy or clumsy, but in carnivals they tell you that one forwards and another for backwards, because there I insisted.

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What jobs did you have before jumping into the public arena?

In my first year of my career I started working simultaneously at the Campeche City Council, in the legal area as a technician for four years. I became head until the opportunity to be at the (old) IFE, in 1996, as head of the legal department.

How did you do in college?

I studied Law at the Law School of the Autonomous University of Campeche. There I was a good student, without being the best, because we had several classmates in the group who were excellent and it was very difficult to reach their level; however, I was one of those who followed him in that area. The advantage of what I learned at the Town Hall is that they taught you the practical part and I was combining it with my study.

What does it treasure?

Friendship, good memories, satisfactions in achievements. I am a person who likes to do things and treat people well, with the passage at the INE I have left good friends.

What music do you commonly listen to?

The romantic music of the 90s because it is from my time; rock in Spanish, I’m a big fan of Joaquín Sabina, because you either like him or you hate him. I spent my time at the Nueva Trova Cubana, Alberto Cortez and as I have older brothers, I listened to the premieres of José José and Mijares.

Do you like social networks?

I handle Facebook and I have Instagram, but I post very little. Lately my wife is the one who labels me in family posts; Twitter to this day does not encourage me, because I feel that it is going to absorb me, because it is a lot of information. One of my flaws is that I like to be searching, so if I see a tweet about something I will want to know how the problem started.

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Which is the hobby to which the spend more time on your free time?

There is always time, I like carpentry that does not require sophisticated tools and what is pop culture, comics from Star Wars and Marvel. I am addicted to Batman, when I want and can disconnect I start to watch series or read my magazines; I collect comics from Justice League and Spiderman.

Is there really parity in the INE?

There is no parity, not because it has not been sought. There is a long way to go to achieve it and there is still a very large imbalance, but there are more men than women because the Local Board is made up of pure men.

Is it true that the parties hate the INE?

I don’t think they hate us, the experience I have had with the parties is that they know that this is not personal. Sometimes they have positions that are sent to them by their national committees and do not adjust to the reality of what we are living.

What is reading?

I really like historical fiction, like Azteca, The Century of caudillos, of Enrique Krauze.


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