I did not enter politics just to talk about Brexit. It's an important topic, but it's one of many. I'd rather concentrate on the issues that are important to me and my constituents: business, schools, hospitals and the environment.

However, this day can not come soon as part of this resignation contract. There are two rounds of Brexit negotiations and the first one is over. Worryingly, the second round could last indefinitely if this agreement comes about.

The resignation agreement in Parliament contains many admirable aspects, and I congratulate the Prime Minister for her determination to reach a deal that many said was not possible.

However, this agreement contains a serious element. It sets out the legal framework that will govern negotiations on our future relations with the European Union. This includes the so-called backstop: the fallback option, should this second round of negotiations collapse.

All in all, any change in British regulations would result in goods being transported between Great Britain and Northern Ireland being subject to a declaration process due to regulatory divergences, similar to international trade. How can we claim to be Britain under these conditions?