In an interview with the still young sports venue The AthleticFormer boss Roberto di Matteo was frustrated that he was dismissed as early as he had hoped to spend a long-term stay at Villa Park.

The Italian was initially skeptical of taking a "step back" to the championship and was impressed by the potential, the history of Villa and the ambitions of the new owner.

The size of the project was tremendous as di Matteo had to free the club of expensive flops that did not want to make up for their defeat in the preseason, while buying and starting a brand new team (which hopefully presented a promotion challenge) a matter of weeks.

Di Matteo, after only 124 days in the hot seat, was led through the door marked "Do One," after being drunk. Jiantong Xia had been selected to rebuild the club after one of the worst Premier League campaigns in history.

When he was released after only 11 games, his record was W1 D7 L3. Hardly anything to write home about, but Di Matteo laments the fact that he had only spent four weeks with the squad after the transfer window closed before his release in early October.

Di Matteo did not hold back when he talked about his release. "I was in limbo at the end of the day. We talked about a project and agreed that the first season would be tough. The play-offs were the goal and I think we arrived there. "

"How long did it take you to get back to the Premier League? Three seasons! Despite the disappointment, I was glad that they achieved what they had set out to do. "

The extent of the difficulties can be shown later. First, however, explain why a manager who has won the Champions League with Chelsea, currently spends his weekends on the sofa and watching football far away from the field.

Since leaving Villa, Di Matteo has stopped working on football, spending more time with his wife and three children, and having to deal with the health issues his father had. But there was no doubt that he would return to football.

"I feel good, young and ready to manage for many years, I will train and manage again, and I want to choose something that really excites me."

Di Matteo also talked a lot about the villa's current manager, John Terry. "He too will be a manager in the future. As a player, he wrote down some of the sessions and has now gained so much experience with the managers he worked under. "

Of course, Matteo's tenure is more than just a distant memory, as we want to re-establish ourselves in the Premier League after the international break on Monday night under the lights of Villa Park against West Ham United,

But it helps to draw a line at this time to finally hear his version of events and credit him with the dignity of speaking well of our promotion. Although he did not have time to train with Villa, we can only wish him well, wherever he lands. Let's hope he finds something superior there than a Ford Mondeo.

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