” I was in shape, it will be the color of the white shirt that makes you fat ”

Julien Faubert had a very brief stint at Real Madrid, however, the footballer left countless anecdotes to remember. The Frenchman, who currently plays for Borneo FC of the Indonesian League, has explained in the program ‘Los otros’ de Movistar the history of his signing and his time with the white team.


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The French winger, who at that time was active in English West Ham, The call from Real Madrid was not quite believed. ” A French person contacted me and said that he worked for Real Madrid. Not that he thought it was a joke, but someone who was posing as an agent, but was not very credible either”, it states. Faubert, who only played two games with the Whites’ jersey, against Athletic de Bilbao and Racing de Santander, considers that he could not demonstrate his level due to lack of opportunities. In addition, he has defended himself from critics who considered that he was not in shape: ” I have never been a fine or lean player. I was in shape, it will be the color of the white t-shirt that makes you fat. But i had no problem“.

Many will remember Faubert for his episode with Juande Ramos. The Frenchman did not attend a training session and the then-Madrid coach explained to the media that the Frenchman had a day off as usual on Sundays after the game. However, this version differs completely from Faubert’s: ”I always asked a player who spoke English or Lass Diarra what hours we had and that time I left without asking. And that turned against me”.

Juande Ramos, who also attends ‘The Others’, has explained his signing for Madrid. “I asked Valencia, from Wigan, he could not sign and Portugal, who was in England, decided to give us Faubert, the French international, and since there was no other possibility, he came on loan,” says the Spanish coach. Furthermore, he adds that to Faubert ”he lacked a bit of level for what Real Madrid demanded”.

But without a doubt The most prominent image of the French footballer is the one in which he is seen on the bench at the Bernabéu, almost lying down and practically asleep. Faubert, taking advantage of the occasion, wanted to defend himself. ” He was angry because he was not going to play again. You can’t see it in the picture, but my eyes were open. It gives the feeling that I have them closed, but no. The past is past. Sometimes you have to make up stories to make it talk. That it affects my children is what bothers me the most. Let them know that this image is false. I was watching the game”, it states. Despite everything, Faubert does not regret having signed for Madrid: ”If Madrid calls you, don’t say no. If they call me when I’m 80 I’ll say yes”.


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