“I would have liked to have had a mentor myself”

Hanna Mantl is an opportunity producer at Sindbad, a mentoring program for young people who are facing a big professional decision. We asked the young mentor what her work at Sindbad looks like.

The beginnings of Sindbad

Tell me a little bit about Sindbad: How did you come up with the idea of ​​starting a mentoring program, when was it founded, who was there?

Hanna Mantl: Personally, I wasn’t there when it was founded. I have only been a mentor in the Sindbad Graz team since 2019. Sindbad was already Founded in Vienna in 2016. There are now 5 locations, namely in Graz, Vienna, Wiener Neustadt, Innsbruck and Linz, two more are currently being planned. Sindbad’s vision is a society in which young people take their lives into their own hands. Sindbad connects people from the most diverse walks of life who seize opportunities together, regardless of their social background.

How (so) did you decide to become a mentor?

In addition to the social thought, I found it very exciting that at Sindbad the most diverse living environments come into contact with one another. You always move in your own bubble. My career was quite sheltered – private school, university, work. Besides, I would always have myself gladly had a mentor. Someone with whom you can study choice, career steps, and options
Can discuss possibilities. After a short Expectation check and one Boarding conversation you will be well prepared for the role of mentor by the Sindbad team. For me personally, that has the benefit that I mean social skills can expand and at the same time Leadership-Skills acquire.

Hanna Mantl is a mentor at Sindbad. Photo: Sindbad

From the life of a mentor

What does the work of a mentor look like at Sindbad?

The role of a mentor is colorful and varied. Each mentor looks after a mentee and stands by him Future planning to the side. That can be concrete Steps in the training path (like switching to a secondary school or an apprenticeship). But that can also simply mean that you can be reached. That the mentee knows that you are always there for him when he has questions or needs something.
This 1: 1 relationship is really very valuable because both parties leave their “bubble” and get an insight into a whole different world to get. The matching of mentor and mentee at the beginning of the relationship can be felt like a Speed ​​dating imagine. This is how the right mentees and mentors find each other.

Kickoff event with mentors and mentees. Photo: Sindbad

How much time does your work as a mentor take?

That is very variable. There have been phases in our team when you see each other more often because, for example, you’re in the Application phase or because the weather is nice and you go out for an ice cream more often. And then there are phases when the mentee doesn’t need you at all, or he is busy and you hear each other once in a while 2-3 weeks not at all. The time required also varies greatly between the individual teams of two. In principle, a personal meeting would be planned around every two weeks and in between simply contact via the mobile phone, but how much time you want to spend together in a team of 2 fits naturally and automatically.

Young and Undecided? Off to Sindbad!

Mentee Justin (left) with his mentor Simon. Photo: Sindbad

Can you tell me something about your mentee? What age group does the average mentee belong to, what level of education and background do the people who come to you have?

I “matched” myself with a really cool mentee. A big, strong fellow who is not quite sure whether he is more interested in the automotive or construction industry. When we first met, he was in his final year of compulsory school. He is now in Training fit programwhere he can acquire many prerequisites and skills for his future professional career.

Mentees are 13 to 19 year old youthwhich are related to the compulsory school leaving certificate, most of them are on average 14-15 years old. Mentors, so to speak, they Opportunity producers, are young adults of approx. 20-35 years.

The next season for new mentors is already on November 13th and 14th, if you are interested in becoming a mentor yourself, simply write an email to Andi andreas.maierhofer@sindbad.co.at.

You can find out more about Sindbad and how to become a mentor or mentee at www.sindbad.co.at.

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