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IAG celebrates the hope of a Brexit according to the highest rise in its history


IAG takes height in the parquet. The hólding that grouped British Airways, Iberia and Vueling, among other airlines, registers this Friday its biggest rise in stock since its birth, at the beginning of 2011.

The company's shares have experienced a rebound of more than 10.6%, suddenly recovering everything lost in the last five months. An escalation that occurs in the middle of a general climate of optimism around a possible solution agreed for Brexit.

The next talks between the European authorities and the British Government of Boris Johnson are awaited with renewed confidence on the part of investors, who see the dreaded scenario of a chaotic break away after the president of the Council of the European Union (EU) , Donald Tusk, note that "hopeful signs" had occurred.

"For the first time, a departure from the United Kingdom from the EU on the basis of a withdrawal agreement in a matter of weeks now seems the most likely path for the future," a JP Morgan document said Friday.

The actions of Sabadell and Santander also react with increases to the greater optimism around the United Kingdom

An agreement between the two blocks would pave the way for IAG, which has been plagued for months by the threat of running out of license to operate in Europe. This problem has been linked to the growing difficulties of the air sector in the region and the internal problems of the group to drag its price, which remains more than a third below its levels three years ago.

In any case, IAG is not, by far, the only value that enthusiastically receives these new hopes around Brexit. Also noteworthy are the increases in Banco Sabadell, another value with strong exposure to the United Kingdom, which is just over 6%. Similarly, Santander, which has also suffered the effects of Brexit in its business, recovers 4.29%.

And in general terms, the companies most dependent on the evolution of the economic cycle – banks and steelmakers, mainly – react with significant gains to the possibility of ending up clearing the one that has been maintained for more than three years as one of the main fronts of uncertainty for the international economy.

In addition, encouraging news is also received from the front of the trade war, after US President Donald Trump said the new talks with China are "going very well."

Pick up the pound

In this scenario, the set of European stock exchanges, with the German Dax at the helm, seals important rebounds that allow them to erase much of the recent losses. German technology company SAP earns just over 9%, while companies such as Société Générale, Volkswagen or BNP Paribas sign increases in the environment of 5%.

In the United Kingdom, the RBS bank declines, with an increase in the environment of 11.5%, as does Marks & Spencer, while Tui adds more than 9%; easyJet, 8%; and Barclays, 7.5%. The British pound scores more than 1.5% against the euro and is at its highest levels since last May, before Johnson's arrival at the head of the Government.