21 savages was Officially released from ICE detention today (February 13), but his fight to stay in the US is not over yet. However, there is more good news in this regard. Speak with BuzzFeed News Today, Charles Kuck, who is a lawyer for the Native Atlanta rapper In his immigration case, the Department of Homeland Security no longer said that he was prosecuting a serious crime against the rapper in his immigration case.

If you remember, ICE had originally cited the drug conviction of 21 for the year 2014 as grounds for a possible deportation of the rapper. However, 21 lawyers said the rappers' conviction was lifted last year. This seems to be the reason for lifting the heavy charge.

According to Kuck, US lawyers are now focusing entirely on expired 21st visas. As stated in a previous statement from the 21st camp, 21 was technically transferred from England to the US at the age of seven. While ICE originally said he had not moved to the US until 2005, Savage's lawyers say that the rapper actually left the country to visit his family in England for a month before returning to Georgia in 2005 at another time.

Kuck believes that the case of the 21er Deportationskampfflichter is a macro problem in the US abroad. "I think this case is symbolic of many cases in which people are detained for incorrect reasons, but they do not always have the means to fight the system," Kuck said of the rapper who had actually done it applied for a U-Visa in 2017, "This case is very symbolic of what happens in an immigration court and in detention."

As we mentioned above, the fight of 21 is not over – but at least it is free now. Speak with XXL Today, Kuck confirmed that the rapper has returned home after being released from the ICE prison.

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