Ice, hail and snow should hit Cumbria later today.

A weather alert has been issued by the Met Office.

The yellow warning is the third of the week to affect the county.

This happens as motorists face dangerous conditions on the roads crossing Cumbria this morning, with ice and freezing fog in many areas.

The Met Office has announced that the icy conditions will continue tonight and tomorrow morning.

"The ice will form in some places later on Tuesday afternoon and until Wednesday evening, especially when the winter showers will leave the surfaces wet.

"It is also likely that hail, melted snow and snow showers are sometimes formed.

"Accumulations of several centimeters are likely in places, mainly above 200 meters."

The warning is in place from 6 pm tonight to 11 am tomorrow.

Some isolated roads in the county have been closed for several days because of the snow.