If you are an EU citizen remember that you must update your resident certificate | Town hall of l’Alfàs del Pi

The councils of Residents of Other Nationalities and Pangea inform you:

Are you from the EU?

-If you are a citizen of a Member State of the European Union, or of another State party to the agreement on the European Economic Area (Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein) or Switzerland.

-If you live in Spain for a period greater than three months

-If you therefore have a Residence Card

-You must check that your card is updated and has not expired

-In case your card has expired, you must request a prior appointment at any police station of the National Police of the Province of Alicante, and request its renewal

Below are all the links of the public administration to have direct access, and to be able to carry out all the necessary procedures and obtain the required documentation according to the following cases:

-If it is the first time that the residence of a relative of Union citizens is requested


-If you already had residence but must access permanent residence, and renew the certificate of registration of Citizen of the Union http://consultor.com/oue/procedimiento/p104.html

-To request an appointment at any office of the National Police of the Province of Alicante

“Police-EU Certificates”


When requesting the appointment, the forms must be completed and the payment of the fee must be made before going to the police, which will facilitate that the EU certificate is obtained without problems on the day of the appointment.

The councils of Residents of Other Nationalities and Pangea of ​​the Municipality of l’Alfàs del Pi launch an information campaign, aimed at the community population, to all people coming from a Member State of the European Union, or from another State party to the agreement on the European Economic Area (Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein) or Switzerland and who have been living in Spain for more than three months, to verify updating your Union citizen registration certificate. A necessary documentation when carrying out any type of procedure, whether of a labor, social or cultural nature, has informed the councilor of the area Martine Mertens.

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It is not the same to have a NIE, foreigner identification number than to have the CUE, Certificate of Registration of Citizen of the Union. While one document implies that you have residence, the other does not, in the same way that it is obvious to point out that many rights are generated by the time of residence in the place where we live, points out the councilor for Residents of Other Nationalities of l’Alfàs, Martina Mertenes, who considers it appropriate to launch this information campaign, as a result of some specific situations that have been observed from the municipal offices, when some people have come for different reasons, verifying that they had their certificates expired.

-From the councils of Residents of Other Nationalities and Pangea it is recommended to review their registration certificates for citizens of the Union. If it appears that they are permanent, the document has not expired, but if it does not state that it is permanent and more than five years have passed, the affected persons must go again to the National Police, to any police station in the Province of Alicante, to request its renewal justifying the residence time from the expiration of the document. A necessary certificate, insists the mayor, for any type of procedure such as obtaining a driving license or obtaining an official title.

-In the case of the English, those who have permanent residence, green paper, can continue with the same document, but it is advisable that they change their residence card as they have ceased to be from the European Union. They continue to be treated at the Alicante Immigration Office, facilitating access to the residence card of the general regime as non-EU citizens. See the immigration procedure “for the documentation of United Kingdom nationals (Brexit) or that of relatives of their nationals if they are non-EU.

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-In the event that it is simply a change from green paper to a residence card of the general regime, the appointment must be taken on the same website, a section created for the British, they must select the procedure ”Police-exp card associated with the agreement of withdrawal of British citizens and their families (Brexit)

https://sede.administracionespublicas.gob.es/icpco/citar?p=3&locale=es .

Recently they can process the cards of British citizens in the offices of the National Police of Benidorm.

To resolve any doubts, interested persons can inquire at the offices of the Department of Pangea de l’Alfàs, at Avenida de las Corts Valencianes number 3.

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