IKEA launches the air purifier that is set to become a sales success – INFO BIERZO

The pandemic caused as a result of COVID-19 has led many citizens to modify not only their behavior habits, but also to pay greater attention to the comfort of the home. Ergonomic desk chairs, sofas, pillows, mattresses, desks, computers or consoles have been some of the products with the highest levels of sales in recent months, due to the fact that families have been forced to stay longer than they are used to inside their home.

However, there is a product that since the middle of last year and until now has registered a high number of sales, to the point of being sold out in many online stores and physical stores. In this case, we mean air purifiers.

If the purifiers created by the company Dyson and Xiaomi have been a sales success, as can be seen in the evaluations made by users within the website of the e-commerce giant Amazon, the new IKEA purifier, is also called to become a new competitor in the air purifier market.

As stated by Henrik Telander, Product Developer at IKEA of Sweden We believe that clean indoor air should not be a luxury for a few and that is why one of our top priorities in creating the air purifier SENSIBLE it was getting both the air purifier and the filters priced low. ‘ Furthermore, Telander has stressed that air purifiers’ are not currently a viable option for most people, especially those who live in small spaces. With this in mind, we optimized the air purifier so that it could operate in about 10 square meters using less material in a smarter way, which allowed us to reduce the price. ‘

This new air purifier that the Swedish multinational dedicated to the manufacture and retail of furniture has just presented has a triple filter, one that removes the largest particles; a second filter that removes the smallest particles present in the air, such as dust and pollen, of less than PM2.5; and a final filter that purifies the air by eliminating different types of gaseous pollutants, in addition to reducing bad odors.

Finally, and regarding its electrical consumption, the new IKEA air purifier is expected to have a very low consumption, which is estimated to be between 2.5W-19W, depending on the fan speed that the user selects. to purify the air in your home.


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