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Portman Hunt is based in North Dorset

No other police action should be undertaken because of allegations that a fox was killed during a traditional hunting encounter.

The League Against Cruel Sports had claimed that the animal had been sued and killed near Sturminster Newton, in Dorset, by Portman Hunt's hound dogs, in violation of the prohibition to hunt with dogs .

As a result of the claims, the hunt insisted that it was being exploited under the Hunting Act.

Dorset police said there was "not enough evidence to take further action".

A police spokesman said: "We want to be clear that we will investigate any alleged violations of the 2004 Hunting Law and other laws and will work closely with the police service. Crown prosecutions to determine whether a case could be tried.

"We find that many reports published on social media are not referred to us and otherwise we have no opportunity to investigate," he added.

The League Against Cruel Sports had declared that a "ripped" fox had been found following an incident at Fifehead St Quintin on January 2, assisted by saboteurs of the hunt.

The campaign group called on the National Trust to revoke the hunting license on the Portman Hunt trails.

As a result of these charges, the hunt was allegedly implemented under the Hunting Act 2004 and was "regularly subjected to false allegations of illegal hunting".