Illusionist Darcy Oake makes Kate Garraway disappear live, but GMB fans expose the trick

Britain’s Got Talent illusionist Darcy Oake managed to make presenter Kate Garraway disappear live on Good Morning Britain today.

Co-star Ben Shephard was stunned after the make-up as she wondered where she had gone.

Appearing on GMB, Darcey first spoke of his UK tour and said he was very happy to be back.

“Everything took off for me here,” he said. There is something I love about the British public: if they love it, they will tell you, if they hate it, they will tell you. I love honesty. “

Kate Garraway climbed into the Good Morning Britain black box today

Darcy Oake managed to make Kate disappear

Asked if his tricks would ever go wrong, Darcy said, “Sometimes, but the public never knows what’s going on.”

In the end, it was time to make Kate disappear and she took off her shoes to climb the steps and climb into the black box.

However, fans quickly understood the trick

“I’m in, I’m really in it,” she said excitedly when asked to duck while she was completely covered in the box.

“I mean it’s on live TV,” Darcy told viewers and said the magic trick had been done in one shot.

After about a minute, Darcy walked over to the box and folded it, revealing that Kate was gone and gone.

A bewildered Ben asked where she had gone while Darcy joked: “It would have been better if it had been Pierce!”

“I am very impressed, you are my hero,” Ben pointed out cheekily. “I’ve always wanted to do it!”

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However, while many were incredibly impressed with the trick, some managed to spoil the truth behind the illusion.

One tweeted: “The mirrored floor gives the illusion that the floor is there and then Kate practically went up a hole before the collapse #gmb #Lorraine”.

While another commented, “Too bad you could have seen the trap door when the box collapsed.”

A third remarked: “Make” Kate disappear on #GMB They should have made the trap door disappear first. “

* Good Morning Britain broadcasts weekdays at 6am on ITV


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