You know what it's like after almost three weeks in the jungle: you have no more conversation.

Luckily the I'm a celebrity … get me out of here! The campmates knew exactly how to beat boredom in today's show (December 6), as the talks soon turned into their surprise celebrities. Or, if you're Emily Atack, it has turned out which Disney character you like the most.

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"I like the avatars, the main person who's the wheelchair, his avatar is so fit," Emily told Fleur East. "I send cartoons, I do not even start with Aladdin. I loved him so much when I was little and I did not know what to do. "

I'm a celebrity star Emily Atack in the jungle


Emily gave in to the Bush Telegraph and admitted that it was not just street rats from Agrabah that she had a crush on growing up.

"I obviously like all Disney princes," she added. "I also like objects and animals that are in Disney movies, like the French candlestick Beauty and the Beast and I was a bit jealous of the feather duster that had left him easily. "

But Emily was not the only one who confessed to a Disney crush when Fleur later said she was in love with Buzz Lightyear Toy story, Although Emily said Woody was actually the better choice.

"No Woody is the obvious, Buzz is cool," Emily said. "He's not fit though and Woody fits."

imageDisney / Pixar

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For everyone else in the camp, they admitted that their engagements were a bit more real. John Barrowman pointed to Paddy McGuinness and "these shower videos on Instagram," while Fleur added that they value Martin Kemp.

"He's so handsome, so beautiful," she continued, "I was in for an award and he was on the red carpet in front of me and he turned around and asked me to take some pictures with him, since he did not wanted to go alone.

"I stood with him and he thanked me and I thought I will have these pictures forever."

Um, do you mean this picture, Fleur?

Fleur East and Martin Kemp participate in the National Film Awards UK

Getty ImagesMike Marsland / Wire picture

As for Harry Redknapp, he said his celebrity swarm was "the woman he was in." Dr. ZhivagoAlso known as Julie Christie, Nick Knowles said he is attracted to humans and he prefers to chat with them first.

"Of course, Nick went very gentleman and said he would like to meet the person," Emily later reflected in the Bush Telegraph. "Well, I can not get a candle, so I'll check it out."

I'm a celebrity … get me out of here! tomorrow night (7th December) at 21.00 on ITV.

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