Harry Redknapp and Sandra have FINALLY been reunited after weeks apart while he was in the celebrity jungle.

In a heartwarming moment, Harry turned a corner to find Sandra sitting on a rock, waiting for him, and he could not stop his tears from flowing love and a good old catch-up.

Harry was whistling away as he walked around to Snake Rock, to find Sandra sitting on a log waiting for him.

Speak I've been married to Harry for 50 years and I have not been able to speak to him.

Harry would not let Sandra go

But spotting, he exclaimed in shock as he hugged her tight and they kissed.

He asked, "Are you alright, everything good?"

They talked about how much they missed each other.

She exclaimed: "Of course I have, I've really missed him, he's my life."

As they continued talking, and Harry got back tears of joy, Sandra told him he made a big impact.

Hey cried when he got back

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I'm A Celebrity 2018

He said, "No, they think they are amazing, they are going, 'sand, sand."

Harry said: "I've had more mentions than me, I said, 'She'd hate it really, she's so shy.'"

"It's like being in prison and you're giving me a prison visit," he said.

Leaning against her with his arm round her shoulder, he continued: "I'm not going to let you go, you're not going anywhere.

"You can come in my hammock!"

With tears pouring down Harry said, "I can not help this, it's not like me, I'm not crying normally, I'm pretty old school. Are you pleased to see me? "

He showed off to his campmates

Sandraeds: "Of course, I got a bit sad the other day, I got a bit tearful because I missed you."

Harry replied: "It's funny, 54 years and we just do not want to be apart, I've missed her so much. I love you so much. "

The other campmates as well as, with Fleur's sister, Keshia, John's husband, Scott, James' girlfriend, Kirstie, and Emily's mum, Kate, all together to chat and meet each other their own close ones.

I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here continues at 9pm every day until Sunday's Grand Final on ITV.

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