“I’m not going to do anything, just undo what Donald Loser Trump has done”

The Gran Wyoming’s ‘Transform’ and Joe Biden to give an interview to Dani Mateo. The new president of the United States affirms that he has the strength to finish the term and complete another term. The plans you have for laterWhen I am 86 years old, they are very varied: “The same I do like Michael Jordan, a second career later, or like Beckham, who left football and made a career as a underwear model.”

Too a explained some of its specific measures: “Doing nothing, I leave that for the second legislature. I will dedicate these first years to undoing everything that Trump has done, we must clean up,” he explains. Among his priorities, “undo the wall with Mexico, pick and shovel, until there is not a stone left. “

Trump ‘uncovers’ his fears

Dani Mateo “interviewed the face” of the president of the United States, Donald Trump, to find out how he was facing the electoral campaign that he finally lost. In this video you can see the interview full of tone outs.

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