“I’m tired of living in an insecure Barcelona”

Until a few years ago we came to live in Barcelona, ​​none of the members of my family had been the victim of any crime. Last Saturday we suffered the sixth theft of a mobile. We have suffered theft, robbery of things, violence and intimidation. By locals and foreigners. In Barceloneta and in the upper area.

The actions of the Mossos have gone from the brilliant arrest of the authors in one of the cases to their refusal to appear in a sordid appliance store in the Raval in which the search device located the stolen mobile. As the police did not do their job and I am far from being an ex-CIA vigilante like the one played by Liam Neeson in the movie ‘Revenge’, the phone was located days later in Los Angeles, California.

I’m fed up. Sick of living in this unsafe city in which the only question I have is not if they will rob us again, but where and when the hell they will do it again.


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