Impeachement will seek to shut out Trump in 2024

With the second political trial against Donald Trump, the Democrats seek to prevent him from running for the presidential candidacy of 2024, said Pía Taracena, an internationalist and academic at the Universidad Iberoamericana.

“The second trial is historic and is a mark on Trump’s record for being the only president in the United States to face this process twice. The procedure will be interesting because it goes through the Joe Biden takeover. In addition, the impeachment has a political objective, the most important, not to let him participate in 2024 by putting him as an unviable person for the position before the double trial ”, he commented.

The expert stressed that the process is symbolic by telling Trump that he is a persona non grata, in addition to that it could have legal consequences in the sense that an investigation is opened to review his attitude, specifically for inciting the insurrection.

For Jeniffer Rubi, a columnist for The Washington Post, “most members of the Republican Party are shrugging off the sedition.”

The end of the Trump government will leave a crisis in the Republican Party as has rarely been seen in its history, its support until the end will be taken into account by millions of moderates.

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