Since he's appeared as a witness last month, Asset and his allies denounced Vindman. The president called him a "Never Trumper witness" and, in Fox News, Laura Ingraham describes Vindman as "a US national security official. . . work at the White House, apparently against the interests of the president. "

The attacks resumed on the eve of his testimony. Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) Suggested in a letter published Monday that Vindman corresponded to the profile of "many bureaucrats and executive staff members" [who] I have never accepted President Trump as legitimate and. . . react by leaking to the press and participating in ongoing efforts to sabotage his policies and, if possible, remove him from office. "

Vindman's lawyer, Michael Volkov, said Johnson's statement "such an unfounded accusation, so ridiculous at first glance, that she does not even deserve an answer."