The Surrey Town Hall, built in 1881, was relocated to the Surrey Museum on Wednesday evening, where it was located on a historic campus with other historic buildings.

The move is part of the museum's $ 15.7 million expansion project. The 137-year-old building joins the Anderson Cabin and the 127-year-old Anniedale School, which was relocated to the museum in September.

The 1881 City Hall was originally scheduled to be relocated to the Heritage Campus on the same night as the Anniedale School. However, it was decided that it would require further stabilization before moving.

The Town Hall was not far to travel – it was only a kilometer on 176A Street on the Cloverdale Fairgrounds. However, the extraction and stabilization process was tedious. It was housed in the BC Vintage Truck Museum, and nearly half the building had to be demolished before the Town Hall could be removed.

This is not the first time that the city hall of 1881 has changed its location.

The Town Hall was built in the Surrey Center, where it served as a hall for city business and as a meeting place for many of the first community groups. When the city government moved in 1912 into a new building, the original hall was no longer used.

The Cloverdale Junior Chamber of Commerce, which wanted to preserve the town hall and its history, volunteered to pay for the restoration and relocate it to a new location. In 1938, the town hall was relocated to today's Cloverdale Fairgrounds and it became Surrey's first museum.

As part of a centenary project in 1958, a 1,000 square meter extension was built around the hall, and the museum grew. When the Surrey Museum opened in 2005, the town hall and building became the BC Vintage Truck Museum.

– with files by Sue Bryant
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The 1881 City Hall was relocated to the Museum of Surrey campus on Wednesday night (7 November) by the Cloverdale Fairgrounds. (Sue Bryant)


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