In 24 hours they reported only 289 cases this # 16oct

In the last 24 hours, 289 COVID-19 infections throughout the country, according to the administration of Nicolas Maduro.

This figure from the Presidential Commission is the lowest reported in Venezuela since last July 18 when 292 cases were announced.

Freddy Ñañez, Minister of Communication and Information of Maduro, used social networks to inform the country that from March to date they have 85,758 infections of COVID-19 throughout the national territory.

Of that figure, 78,294 patients have recovered, 4,272 are in hospitals, 2,320 in Integral Diagnostic Centers (CDI) and 147 in private clinics.

In this figure are the 289 cases reported this Friday, of which it is clear that there are 283 community and 6 international.

Of those imported it was known that they are 6 men, including 1 minor. They entered the country from Colombia through the state of Táchira.

By entity

The region of the country that topped the list of states with coronavirus cases was Capital district with 65 cases, followed by Táchira with 50, Guárico 40, Miranda 35, Yaracuy 28, Carabobo 23, Nueva Esparta 20, Aragua 15, Mérida 3, Zulia, Bolívar, Cojedes and La Guaira with only one contagion each.


This Friday they reported five people killed by the coronavirus. The deaths were accounted for in the states Merida with two deaths; a 56-year-old man and an 86-year-old woman, followed by a 53-year-old man in Anzoátegui, a 90-year-old woman in Miranda and a 75-year-old male in Amazonas.

The list of deaths from COVID-19 in the country reached the figure of 725 so far in the pandemic.

International cases

The largest number of infected have arrived from Colombia. To date and since March they have counted 8,369 cases. From Brazil 626, Peru 228, Ecuador 199 and from other latitudes 79 infections. In total, the foreign cases are up to this Friday 9,501

COVID and politics

Opposition leaders who have decided not to participate in the upcoming December elections do not believe in the statistics presented by Nicolás Maduro and his presidential commission, much less in the treatments applied to attack COVID-19.

They state that the numbers are made up and that the minimum biosecurity conditions do not exist to carry out an electoral process.

The ruling Maduro responds in this regard that there are foreign interests in which the elections are not held. It further alleges that the actions they have carried out against the coronavirus have been severely criticized.

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