In addition to Star Wars, Massive is also working on the new Avatar game.

Earlier this morning, it was revealed that Massive Entertainment, Ubisoft studio responsible for The Division 2, was working on a new open world game of Star Wars. However, let us remember that this same team had also been developing another movie title for some time. Avatar. And yes, we mean that of James Cameron.

Although there has been a lot of silence around this new project, Massive has confirmed that the game of Avatar It has not been canceled and its development is still active within the study. In a recent interview with David Polfeldt, director of management at Massive, the following was said:

“We have been preparing the studio for a long time to work on all our projects with the same degree of love and attention. Since all our teams work with the Snowdrop engine, each project benefits from the progress and successes of the other ”.

On the side of the cinema, Disney keeps delaying the premiere of Avatar 2 due to the pandemic of COVID-19, and it would certainly make sense for the production company to want to launch both products in a similar time frame between the two.


Via: Bloomberg

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