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Participants of Molano shares named “Terrorists”. According to him, as a result of their actions, one police captain was killed, 540 law enforcement officers and 306 civilians were injured. Molano pointed out that the protesters damaged 94 banks, 254 shops, 14 toll roads, four statues, 69 transport stations, 36 ATMs.

BBC citing Colombia’s ombudsman office informsthat in total 16 civilians and one policeman were killed during the protests. At the same time, the trade union of education workers reported to the publication about 1,089 cases of violence by law enforcement officers, including 726 arbitrary detentions, 27 murders and six acts of sexual violence.

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Opposition member announced his intention to convene Belarusians for protests on May 9

15 April Colombian authorities presented a plan for tax reforms. Among the proposed measures is the expansion of the taxpayer base, affecting those whose income is $ 700 per month or more.

In addition, the plan called for an expansion of goods and services that are subject to value added tax (VAT), as well as a slight increase in the tax on the rich. With the money raised, the government wanted to cover debts and develop programs to help the poorest segments of the population.

On April 28, protests began in Colombia. The protesters demanded the cancellation of the tax reform, considering it untimely in the context of the coronavirus pandemic. May 2, President of Colombia Ivan Duque stated about the rejection of transformations. This happened on the fourth day of the protests.

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