It is known that doctors and scientists have recently been actively campaigning for people to reduce meat consumption. In this regard, Claire Taylor, the founder of the largest network of institutions for the care of young children in Chester (England), implemented a decision that, according to her, was "taken into account the interests of children and for the sake of the future of the planet."

Claire Taylor converted her Jigsaw Day nursery to vegan food. Starting in January 2020, these institutions will no longer offer babies (children from 0 to 4 years old inclusive) meat and dairy products

Instead, pupils can count on a “shepherd’s pie” with lentils, curry with potatoes and peas and Hungarian goulash (spicy vegetable soup) and similar foods.

Taylor says she worked closely with an experienced and qualified nutritionist to create a varied and complete menu for children. However, transmit "News“She failed to escape criticism of some parents.

Parents accuse the nursery of “imposing a lifestyle” and “discriminating against children who eat meat.”

So, one mother, who drives her three-year-old daughter to the Jigsaw Curzon House, says that "they went crazy there."

"It’s wrong to simply impose this on us without any discussion – they shouldn’t make such decisions for me. If my daughter wants to be a vegan when she gets older – well, but first I’ll talk to her myself. In general, this is a very radical change, which I’m not at all happy with, ”she says.

Another parent believes that the ban on meat and dairy products is “outrageous”:

“My son has a great appetite, and I think that now he will come home hungry. And in the end, vegetarianism is one thing, and total veganism is just crazy. ”

Other parents, by contrast, are happy with the decision. Natalie Stevens wrote on Facebook: “To give up veganism is the same as admitting that you don’t want to instill an environmental concept in your children! In addition, this is an incredibly healthy menu, and I am very glad that our son will eat such food. In any case, this eliminates the need to feed him super-healthy food at home, because now I know that he will eat this in a manger. ”

For her part, Claire Taylor says: “We fully recognize and appreciate all the answers we received from our parent group. This is a change that affects their children, and they have every right to express their concerns. But the food that children eat in our institutions has an impact not only on children, but also on the health of the entire planet. We understand that our decision is associated with a risk to business, but we feel strongly that we want to follow the path of ecology for the benefit of the future of our children ".

Dominika Pyasechka, spokeswoman for the Vegan Society, commented: “We congratulate the Jigsaw Day nursery on introducing a vegan menu that benefits children, our planet, and animals. Given the government’s emphasis on healthy eating and the environmental emergency we are in, it’s natural that vegan products should be promoted by public sector institutions. When you eat at least one vegan meal per day instead of meat, it already benefits the environment. ”

The British Dietetic Association shares the idea that vegan diets are suitable for people of all ages, including infants, children and adolescents.