In favor of Gastrocat Online

We read in the The New Barcelona Post that “the Acadèmia Catalana de Gastronomia i Nutrició launches a restorative initiative, the Gastrocat Online portal” to help Catalan chefs, who, since they have to close these two weeks, will offer “takeaway or home food services”. I love it, because it helps. It is seen that, in the city in question, restaurants as diverse as Via Veneto, A Pluma, Silvestre, El Gaig, M2 Gluten Free or Merquen have been registered on the portal.

During the confinement isolation (excuse the rhyme, it is due to pandemic fatigue), those of the Enjoy were already preparing to take the trays of the incredible appetizers that they serve – that they served – in the room. The owner of a small place, Vinus & Brindis, which has a very interesting wine bar, but also a shop (it is on Calaf street, very close to the Galvany market) has told me that the following increase occurred during confinement ( excuse the rhyme, it’s pandemic fatigue again): customers asked the delivery man to fetch them a wine and then go get a chicken at one of the restaurants mentioned above, and that It is located in Santaló street, very close: A Pluma.

Buying according to which menu to take away (forgive the rhyme again. You know the reason) means that it is delivered to you ready for you to “finish” it at home. Vacuum packed and ready to put in the oven or pot. It is ideal to surprise our bubble group. The liturgy will be missing, of course. There will be no such tablecloth (either white, made of paper with the “bon appetit” in four languages, or red and white squares). We will not see rude table neighbors, who treat those who serve them as if they were servants. Not those gait, light and diligent, of the waiters up and down. Or have the dish explained to you. Being asked “how did it go?”, Something that they only ask you in a restaurant, in the operating room and in bed. But it will be fun, and above all, we will help. In the same way that we eat a pizza, sushi, some Mexican tacos at home, we can also eat a coca de recapte, a suckling lamb or a tasting menu.

In the same way that we eat a pizza, sushi, some Mexican tacos at home, we can also eat a coca de recapte, a suckling lamb or a tasting menu

Cafes, of course, can do the same with coffee (they already did) but cocktail bars and cocktail bars have it much more difficult, since they can’t prepare a negroni to take away, or the beer halls for tourists on the Rambla, that those six-liter jugs served (impossible to lift if you were not trained by Viennese weightlifting champion Wilhelm Türk). Those jugs were paid, by the way, at the price of kidnapping. I had seen tourists discreetly handing out briefcases when I saw the bill.

If I had to make a list of the men who have given me the most pleasure in life, in the places where top there would be waiters. If I had to patent a system to discover the courage and intelligence of an adult, I would say that you have to ask him in how many languages ​​he knows how to say: “Another glass of wine.”

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