In just two months, the promises of Boris Johnson’s election campaign have already crumbled

FFirst, we witnessed the emasculation of HM Treasury as a government engine room, in favor of Dominic Cummings’ detested, chaotic and murmuring dictatorship. Then, in a trichomic diversion, the recruitment and rapid resignation of a “wacky” consultant from Downing Street, Andrew Sabisky, who had written controversially about race and intelligence.

Rapidly following Sabisky’s brief affair, serious accusations of bullying against high officials came from Priti Patel, the home secretary. Now, how The independent reports, Department of Health civil servants are expressing deep skepticism about the government’s commitment to “recruit” (to use long-term) 50,000 nurses.

Two months after winning a famous election victory, the wheels of the Johnson administration’s machinery seem to falter, if not fall.


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