Hi-Viz railway workers waistcoat
© Westminster Menswear Archive

This October, the Westminster Menswear Archive opens an exceptional four-week exhibition on the place and fetishization of workwear in men's fashion. It will be the largest exhibition dedicated to men's fashion and workwear ever organized in Britain. On this occasion, more than 170 pieces of archives will be collected, dating from the last 120 years and coming from the biggest British brands and creators. We note Alexander McQueen, Vivienne Westwood or Adidas.

Thought by Professor Andrew Groves and Danielle Sprecher, the exhibition proposes to return to the aesthetics of these clothes and their history. Diverted, redesigned and transformed, workwear appears as an eternal source of inspiration. It even seems to have been a form of fascination, still present today, and referring to imaginary quasi-heroic going from the soldier to the athlete through the fireman or the scientist. As our societies become more and more tertiary, and men's fashion is mainly concerned with the disappearance of the gender frontier, this exhibition appears out of step.

Through numerous pieces never before shown to the public, the exhibition will not fail to remind us subtly of the major role of the know how British men's fashion, from Savile Row to today!

Invisible Men, October 25 to November 24, at the Westminster Menswear Archive

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