Bandai Namco Entertainment brings with Godzilla VR after Mario Kart a second well-known brand in a London VR arcade.

Launched about a year ago in Osaka, the VR arcade attraction "Godzilla VR" is now available in the "Hollywood Bowl" at the O2 Arena in London.

Up to four players hatch in the role of helicopter pilots, which must defend Godzilla's attack on Tokyo. Instead, they dodge the monster's attacks and shoot back until it's time to fire a super rocket directly into Godzilla's mouth.

Motor chair with helicopter flight feel

The helicopters are controlled by two joysticks, the left and right on the armrests a hydraulic chair to sit. This tilts and tilts to match the maneuvers of the helicopter. That should be realistic helicopter flight feeling convey.

You should probably fly right past Godzilla. Image: Namo Bandai Entertainment

You should probably fly right past Godzilla. Image: Bandai Namco Entertainment

The decision to bring Godzilla VR to London, has, according to Bandai Namco directly with a growing demand for high-quality VR attractions to do. After starting in London, additional locations will be supplied with the Godzilla simulator. As VR glasses, a Vive Pro is used.

A Godzilla trip in the Hollywood Bowl is included just under six euros per person, In the same arena is also a Mario kart simulator including go-kart dummy and VR glasses. A trip costs just under nine euros per person.

Pictures: Bandai Namco Entertainment

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