“In Nesyri it is clear that he wants to be here”

Hamza Kasawi is well known on social media for being the hairdresser for many footballers, including Youssef En Nesyri, whom he has been fighting before every important match for many years. Both maintain a great friendship since they met when the forward ended up in the quarry of Malaga.

The hairdresser has been one of the guests this week on Minuto91 of 7TV Sevilla, where he spoke about his friend’s performance.

First, he gave his opinion on the criticism En Nesyri received at the beginning of the season: “Apart from being his barber, I am his friend, I have known him since he arrived in Spain and I have seen his evolution as a footballer. He has been highly criticized when he has had failures, like the one he had in the European Super Cup, which for me is not a failure because the goalkeeper stopped him. Youssef has worked hard and has shown what a great striker he is ”.

He also confessed the reasons why he refused to leave in the last winter market to West Ham in England: “It is clear to him that this is where he is best. He’s clear where he wants to be ”.

“He is very happy here. He had several offers, not only from England, but he is clear that he wants to play here. Several footballers who play in that team contacted Youssef to try to convince him, but he knows where he wants to be. I think that league could be good for him, it is a very physical league and he is a very strong forward, but for now he has no idea other than Sevilla, ”added Kasawi.

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After the first leg of the Champions League against Borussia Dortmund, Hamza and Youssef spoke about the possibilities for the team to pass the round: “All the players are going to give their all. I’ve talked to him and they all know they can make the comeback. Sevilla, who thrive in difficult moments, can come back. The team thinks they can do it. “

In addition, the confidant of the Sevilla forward highlighted the qualities that his friend has to fight for being the top scorer: “No player is great for him. He is up on his own merits because he has earned it. He does not shrink with anyone and is in a team that is one of the best in Spain ”.

In his statements, he dared to assess the market value that En Nesyri has: “As a friend, he has no price. If Sevilla let their striker, whom he scores the goals, escape, at least they have to pay 80 or 90 million euros. Sevilla made it clear that for less than 50 or 60 million he was not going to negotiate. If it continues like this, its price will only go up ”.

Finally, in the comparison between the Dortmund footballer, Erling Haaland, and his friend, he chose the Moroccan: “He’s a bug, but for me the best is En Nesyri, the heart pulls a lot,” explained Kasawi with a laugh.

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