In other roles: In which series did Bill Burr appear? – The Mandalorian, Breaking Bad, F is for Family

Bill Burr – the man with the alliterative name is not only a comedian, author, actor and podcaster, but above all a cynic. Anyone who picks out individual passages from his stand-up program or his interviews could misunderstand the gentleman from Massachusetts. If you listen carefully, his provocative statements should also provide food for thought. In any case, an exciting personality whose TV appearances are worth a closer look.

Als Migs Mayfeld in “The Mandalorian”

Bill’s acting talent was recently assessed in the “Star Wars” series “The Mandalorian”. In the galactic space adventure, he embodies the ice-cold sniper and bounty hunter Mayfeld, who even stands by the eponymous hero after initial provocations in a confrontation with the imperial officer Hess and helps him to escape. From then on he supports the Mandalorian and his team in rescuing the child named Grogu. Bill is not a big “Star Wars” fan and often enough referred to the space saga as “Muppets in Space”. Still, showrunner Jon Favreau wanted him on the cast for that very reason. And when the first mouth fell at the latest, Bill’s last doubts about making himself ridiculous vanished.

The Mandalorian Bill Burr

Als Frank Murphy in „F is for Family“

In the animated series “F is for Family” Bill not only lends his voice to the main character named Frank Murphy, he also acts as the creator of the series with Michael Price. The Netflix original for adults tells the story of the Murphy family, who lived in a typical American suburb in the early 1970s. Frank is the head of the family who gets upset about everything while the children do all sorts of nonsense. It is obvious that Bill, born in 1968, is dealing with his own childhood here at a time when politically correct language did not yet exist, people smoked in the house and their own children were sometimes given one. The bitterly bad fun will come to an end with the fifth season in 2021.

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F is For Family Bill Burr

Als Kuby in “Breaking Bad”

From 2011 Bill appears in a recurring role in the classic series “Breaking Bad”. In the series, in which a stuffy chemistry teacher turns into a drug king, Bill can be seen as Patrick Kuby from the fourth season. Kuby is a former cop and henchman of shady lawyer Saul Goodman, who is known for his eloquence and competence. As a big fan of the series from the first episode onwards, a dream came true for Bill in the role of Kuby.

Breaking Bad Bill Burr

Als Ryan Callahan in „Townies“

His first role is that of Ryan Callahan in the comedy series “Townies” from 1996. In this country, the series about a group of friends who dream of a great relationship and a successful career in a small town on the east coast will not be released until 2000 broadcast on RTL. Ryan is a couch potato who is married to Denise, played by Lauren Graham. Molly Ringwald and Jenna Elfman can also be seen in other roles in the harmless comedy. In addition, Bill still had gorgeous, full head hair at that time.


Further TV appearances

In the cult series “The Simpsons” Bill speaks to a Boston football fan. That fits, because in real life he is an avowed supporter of the Boston-based New England Patriots. He also serves in the chaos shared apartment from “New Girl”. In the fifth season, Bill comes to visit as Nick’s cousin. In the amusing episode, it quickly turns out that he wants more than just money.

New Girl Bill Burr

His appearances as Detective Smart in the sketch comedy “Kroll Show” have not yet been broadcast in Germany, but many of the skits are also on the Comedy Central’s YouTube channel available.

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And otherwise

The fact that Bill cares about comedy is evident not only in his appearances in films like “Date Night” or “Tough Girls”, but above all in his stand-up programs on Netflix, in which he doesn’t mince his words and among others hipsters, angry people and male feminists get their fat off. In his weekly “Monday Morning Podcast” he also talks about all sorts of things, provides insights into his private life and answers questions from listeners. He has been married to Nia Renee Hill since 2013, with whom he also has a daughter, whom he is currently teaching to ride a bike. In any case, I’m happy to see him again, because Bill keeps reminding you that you don’t have to take everything in life seriously.

Profile: William “Bill” Frederic Burr

Born: June 10, 1968 in Canton, Massachusetts (USA)
Filmography: IMDb page
German dubbing voice: Frank Röth and Further

Bilder: Disney, Netflix, AMC, ABC, FOX


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