In the eye of the storm: I looked at the unexpected attitude that Mara Teresa Campos had

Since the interview that Mara Teresa Campos gave on Saturday Deluxe the lawsuit with Jorge Javier Vzquez broke out, which seems to have no end.

The disagreement that I lived the journalist in the program it ended up having repercussions on social networks and involving several people from the middle in it.

However, when neither side gave their arm to twist, the communicator surprised everyone after taking the first step towards reconciliation.

The matriarch of the Campos clan He softened and decided to communicate with the presenter, although doing so via WhatsApp was an important action.

Mara Teresa Campos left pride behind.

Cookie monster, I love you too.

Faced with the sympathetic message that the announcer I sent him, the driver decided to return him to respond with a I also love you very much.

Give me a little time, that when you want you are very heavy.

The confrontation between the journalists seems to be about to end.

Apparently, Mara Teresa Campos He got tired of the media commotion and preferred to regain his colleague’s friendship, to put an end to everything.


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