In this country, Apple does include hearing aids on your iPhone by law

  • There is a country where Apple must respect the law and you must pack your EarPods in the same case as your iPhone.

  • Otherwise, you could face a fine of up to 350,000 euros.

  • Their smartphones of between 20 thousand and 40 thousand pesos, nor include charger or headphones in the rest of the world.

Apple revealed its new family of smartphones: the iPhone Mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max, in an event that attracts worldwide attention every year, but this 2020 it did so especially because although its high-tech smartphone costs almost 40 thousand pesos, does not include charger or headphones.

The least that can be expected from a phone of that price is that it comes with a charger and headphones, as all brands include, but the Cupertino Giant justifies its decision with smaller cases, supposedly to have a less impact on the environment.

Although by law, there is a country where you will have to include hearing aids, you cannot ignore that rule. The firm announced that in the world, it would remove wired EarPod headphones and wall chargers from iPhone cases and that the only accessory included in the box is a USB-C to Lightning cable, because with this you can send more devices on a single pallet.

But in France you can’t skip the inclusion of headphones in your iPhone box. The law requires that “all smartphones must include a hands-free kit or headset to protect children 14 and under from electromagnetic radiation.” Otherwise, companies could face a fine of up to 350,000 euros.

On Apple’s France page, the new iPhone 12 contains a USB-C to Lightning cable and its EarPods, although it no longer has a charger.

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Apple says it has a reason for which it stops including headphones and chargers, and not only in the iPhone 12, but also in the iPhone 11, iPhone XR and iPhone SE, which would be because it plans to reduce the environmental impact generated by its devices, when making its boxes. smaller and increase the number of phone shipments, while reducing carbon emissions.

But it also increases your profit, because by selling headphones and charger separately, you make additional income. Another element that goes against Apple’s idea of ​​supposedly offering an ecological iPhone is that in addition to France, a law is about to be passed throughout Europe that forces technology brands to make their products compatible with USB-C chargers So the idea of ​​Not including a charger could have become Apple’s policy to avoid penalties.

This, as it has introduced a new $ 19 20-watt power adapter, discontinuing the previous $ 29 18-watt charger. However, buying both would mean paying an additional $ 38 on top of what is already being paid for the iPhone 12.

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