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In its recent launch of the iPhone 12, Apple surprised customers by announcing that its latest series of mobile phones, and those that will follow in the future, will go on sale without charger and without other components secondary in the box. But not everywhere it will be able to do so: the technology giant will have to include that device in order to sell its new product in Chile.


According to the regulations of that South American nation, “any electrical product for domestic use that is marketed in the country, manufactured for a voltage or a range of voltages, must be suitable for user connect it directly at nominal voltage established in the country ».

The regulation aims to ensure that the devices “are safe and do not constitute a danger to people or things.” Likewise, the text promulgated by the authorities indicates that it is “the responsibility of the marketers to provide the products with the right accessories to meet this condition.

The requirement is part of Resolution 24730 Exempt from the Superintendency of Electricity and Fuels (SEC), issued in 2018, which establishes the technical characteristics that electrical appliances must meet. before going to the market.

For now, the decisions that Apple will adopt to sell the four iPhone 12 models in Chilean territory are not known.

Why did Apple remove the charger from the iPhone 12?

Tim Cook’s company justified its decision to leave secondary accessories out of the standard supply of the new iPhone by claiming its respect for the environment and its efforts to reduce carbon emissions. In fact, the measure will be extended to all Apple phones that are for sale, which from now on will no longer include both the charger and the headphones.

“Together these changes will reduce annual carbon emissions by more than two million metric tons, which is equivalent to take 450,000 cars off the road every year«, Said the company in a statement.

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