In this Latin American country Apple will not be able to sell its new iPhone without a charger

On October 13, Apple showed for the first time what the models of the new iPhone 12 will be like. What most attracted attention, however, is the fact that the phones will be sold without a charger or headphones. Is it a legal measure?

Although most people are already used to these accessories being included when buying a mobile, in most countries there is no law that prevents the sale of the device without these accessories.

This, however, is not the case in Chile. In the South American country there is a regulation, according to which manufacturers of electronic devices are required to include certain accessories in their products, the charger being one of them.

According explained the Superintendency of Electricity and Fuels (SEC) of Chile to the local Transmedia, “any electrical product for domestic use that is marketed in the country, manufactured for a voltage or a range of voltages, must be suitable for the user to connect directly at the nominal voltage established in the country ”.

“Therefore, it is the responsibility of the marketers to provide the products with the appropriate accessories to meet this condition,” the body stressed.

At the moment, it is not known what measures will be taken so that they can be sold the new iPhones in Chile. Most likely, the tech giant will be forced to include the charger in the box of devices sold in the country. However, the possibility that the company may obtain some special permission to sell its next mobiles without the accessory is not excluded.

Foto: © REUTERS / Aly Song


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