Incredible, they accused Meghan Markle of plagiarizing a speech 😱

Again the Duchess of Sussex starred in another scandal among social media users, this time it was due to an accusation of plagiarism in one of her speeches. Last Tuesday she attended the Most Powerful Women Next Gen Summit event, organized by Fortune magazine.

At the summit, several topics were discussed, but in which she intervened, it was about social networks and their impact on society.

“There are very few things in this world where the person who is interacting with it is called ‘user’. People addicted to drugs are called ‘user’ and people who use social networks, also,” said Meghan Markle .

Other of her testimonies that reinforced her participation had to do with emphasizing that social networks “are an addiction” and she invited those present to use personal accounts, as she did.

He also stressed that there must be an algorithm that causes this addiction in people, which greatly damages their health.

After his speech, several of the attendees denounced on the Twitter social network that the woman of the prince harry, He got his forceful words from the documentary: “The dilemma of social networks”, from the Netflix channel.

Some of the most attentive noticed the similarities in his words with the audiovisual, especially in the following words: “There are only two industries that call their customers users: illegal drugs and software.”

It seems that the duchess of sussex Meghan Markle did not correctly cite the shocking video testimonials on the streaming platform. In the aforementioned documentary, the large industries highlight the most used strategies to keep their users connected and what the risks of this action are.

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