Two sisters who used to binge on unhealthy takeaway food have lost 13 stone in weight between them after ditching chips and kebabs.

Toni Fitzgerland, 28, older sister Rachel, 33, both from Dingle, Liverpool, loved to eat.

Toni, who lived in Benidorm and worked in a nightclub, said she would finish work at 6am and polish off a portion of chips after every shift.

The health assistant told the Liverpool Echo, "I'd have a chippy all time and fast food because I was finishing work at 6am, because I worked in a nightclub called Hippodrome in Benidorm.

The sisters do everything together

"I'd be in the middle of the night."

Rachel, a stay at home mum, eating gorge on a meal with cheese and mushrooms on a plate.

However, on New Year's Day 2016 Rachel decided to do something about her weight, and re-joined Slimming World.

Toni, who is so unhappy about her weight, how to do it, and how to decode the group while still in Spain.

Rachel said, "It's New Year's Day 2016 and I was so depressed and sad.

Rachel has now lost to incredible 8 stone

"You know how everyone says 'new year, new me' .I really wanted it, so decided to join Slimming World again."

Toni added: "I was living in Spain and what was so unhappy about my weight and when my sister started doing slimming world.

"So I joined in Spain and each other – we used to face every single day about our food and what we eat.

"Then when I came home for good, me and my sister went to the gym together and take dogs for walks and do everything together."

Rachel admitted she found the new lifestyle difficult at first, and would "cry every night" in the beginning.

But with the support of her sister and mum, the 33-year-old lost an incredible eight stone.

Toni has managed to lose an impressive 5 stone

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She said: "She would scream at me and say 'you can do it'.

"My sister would call me from Benidorm and say 'you can'."

Toni – who has lost many pills, without success.

The couple are now in the gym and said they feel happier and more confident, and "love going clothes shopping now".