The information war intensifies the world's greatest threats, such as climate change and nuclear war, and threatens the future of civilization, US experts said overnight, when the symbolic Doomsday clock was two minutes to midnight.

The manipulation of facts, false news and flooding – along with global warming and flirting with nuclear war – are all factors that have made man destroying the planet as fast as possible, the non-profit bulletin of nuclear scientist.

"Humanity is now facing two simultaneous existential threats, both of which would give rise to extreme concern and immediate attention," the group said in a statement.

"These major threats – nuclear weapons and climate change – were compounded last year by increased use of information warfare to undermine democracy around the world, increase the risk of these and other threats, and place the future of civilization at extraordinary risk. "

The so-called Doomsday Clock is a symbolic journal from 1947 to highlight the threat of global nuclear war. Meanwhile, some of the world's greatest minds – including 15 Nobel laureates – are involved in tackling humanity's pressing challenges.

Once or twice a year, the Board gathers to discuss the state of the world, addressing issues such as climate change, biosecurity threats, and even artificial intelligence.

The closer the time is to midnight, the closer we are to the proverbial doomsday scenario.

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The clock did not turn from last year, but that "should not be understood as a sign of stability," said Rachel Bronson, president and CEO of the group of scholars and international experts in the fields of security, nuclear technology, environment and science.

"It is a state as worrying as the most dangerous periods of the Cold War," Ms. Bronson said at a press conference in the US capital, describing the current climate as "The New Abnormal" gaining information and fake news blooms, "she said ,

"It creates anger and polarization around the world at a time when we need peace and unity to solve the world's biggest problems." This "New Abnormal" is "a state that has an unpredictable and changing landscape of smoldering conflicts that multiply the odds of the outbreak of a major conflict," she added.

"We seem to normalize a very dangerous world in terms of the risks of nuclear war and climate change."

Theoretical physicist Lawrence Krauss is the former chairman of the Bulletin's Sponsorship Committee, which presides over the Doomsday Clock – a role once owned by Albert Einstein and Robert Oppenheimer.

"The purpose of the doomsday clock is to provide people with a graphical opportunity to suddenly think about these existential threats," Professor Krauss told in 2017 about them. "

The clock was the most optimistic 17 minutes before midnight, where it sat from 1991 for four years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the end of the Cold War and the signing of the first strategic arms reduction treaty.

Conversely, the clock approached the dreaded vertical axis in 1953 after the United States and the Soviet Union had tested thermonuclear devices within nine months. At this point, the clock was two minutes past midnight.

"We are like travelers on the TITANIC"

Jerry Brown, chief executive officer of the nuclear science bulletin and former governor of California, said world leaders would not do enough to stem the nuclear threat.

"The blindness and stupidity of the politicians and their advisors is really shocking given the nuclear disaster and the dangers," said Brown.

"We are almost like travelers on the Titanic, we do not foresee the iceberg, but enjoy the elegant food and music."

Brown has also engaged with journalists who report every word the US President makes on social media.

"Journalists, yes, you love the tweets of Trump. They love the news of the day. They love the clues that get the clicks, but the last click could be a nuclear accident or a mistake, and that's why we all have to worry. "