Ingeteam doubles its business in the United Kingdom to 650 MW and does not foresee that Brexit will affect its growth


Ingeteam has consolidated its renewable business in the United Kingdom in 2020, as it has obtained contracts that have allowed it to double its maintained power in just one year, reaching 650 megawatts (MW), and it does not expect Brexit to affect growth plans that has the international technological group specialized in the conversion of electrical energy in the country.

Specifically and by technology, Ingeteam maintains 380 MW of installed power in the wind sector in the United Kingdom and 270 MW in the photovoltaic sector. This maintained power is equivalent to the energy consumed by 442,867 homes per year, as reported by the company in a statement.

As a result of this “great growth”, Ingeteam has doubled its workforce in the UK and recently opened new offices in Glasgow, where around 100 people work. The official exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union will not affect the growth plans that the company has in the country, since its “clear commitment” to renewable energy will mean that Ingeteam will continue to be “a key local partner for the development of solutions in the country “, they have assured from the group.

Since its arrival in the United Kingdom in 2015, the company has consolidated its position in the operation and maintenance sector, becoming “a reliable alternative” for the maintenance of renewable facilities in the country. Ingeteam currently have a 2% market share in the British market.

At the end of the year, Ingeteam also obtained a contract to build a 5 MW storage solution based on supercapacitors, a “pioneer” in the United Kingdom. This equipment will help National Grid, the operator of the national electricity grid (equivalent to REE in Spain), to know precisely, in real time and in a localized way, the inertia.

With these measures, the precise decisions in dimensioning and location of the auxiliary systems that are necessary to maintain the stability of the energy system will be made later.

As more renewable energies proliferate and conventional power plants close, the need to find new ways to provide inertia increases, and this project will allow it to be done in a way adjusted to the real needs of the network, Ingeteam explained.

In addition, Ingeteam will supply Iberdrola’s subsidiary in the United Kingdom, Scottish Power Renewables, one of the largest battery storage systems in the world. The project will act as a backup to the UK’s largest onshore wind farm, Whitelee, near Glasgow, and will have a storage capacity of 50 million watt-hours, equivalent to the average consumption of 150,000 homes / hour.

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