Inside Katie Price’s wild Newcastle night as she exposes a storm in the club

Katie Price set off a storm in Newcastle earlier this week as she reunited with friends of Geordie Shore Chloe Ferry and Scotty T.

Katie spent a few wild days in the region in September last year when she headed to a Ramside party in Durham before hitting Eden and Jalou in Newcastle the following night after visiting Chloe’s salon in Monkseaton and crushing a sunbed at Madame Tan on Chirton Front Street

And she returned to Toon on Tuesday evening, at the Sandman hotel near St James’ Park, where she, Chloe and Scotty, real name Scott Timlin, kicked off their night after Katie attended a makeup event, before they headed to Bijoux, where they enjoyed drinks in the comfort of a VIP cabin.

They then received the same treatment in the nearby Tup Tup Palace where they ended the night, with 41-year-old Katie and Chloe, 24, who were captured by the club photographer posing with friends.

Katie Price, Chloe Ferry and friends in Tup Tup
Katie Price, Chloe Ferry and friends in Tup Tup

In the photos from inside Tup Tup and Chloe’s Instagram movies, Katie can be seen enjoying her casual-looking night in a white lace tracksuit, with her rolled up high to reveal her tense stomach, while in Bijoux, Chloe filmed her pout and dancing away wearing sunglasses.

Earlier this week Katie announced that she would be taking a break from social media after being “heartbroken” by the death of Caroline Flack. He published his story: “I am absolutely heartbroken … I am radically changing my life for the better.

“I don’t want to read or see anything in the press about me, my family, my friends or my ex.

“All this must end! I’ll be back when I’m ready. “


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