Institutional strategy to promote the work environment in the Professional School of Education and Humanities, Los Ángeles de Chimbote Catholic University (ULADECH) -Filial Tumbes, year 2015


The research was carried out at the Los Ángeles De Chimbote Catholic University (ULADECH) – Tumbes Branch, Faculty of Education and Humanities of the Professional School of Education in 2015, where teachers, administrative staff and dean participated. Its purpose was to design an Institutional Strategy to strengthen the Work Environment. The work was justified because it has theoretical value, practical utility, social relevance, and the benefits it generates. It was based on the theories of Litwin and Stringer and Stephen Robbins. The research is approached according to the type of descriptive study – purposeful. The study universe was of 27 managers, the sample has the character of a sample universe, since it is homogeneous and small, so the size of the sample coincides with the size of the universe. Observation was used and a survey was applied. The results were: that the Work Climate that is developed in the Professional School of Education does not adhere to the principles proposed within the institution, there is no teamwork, little organization is evident, there is no labor flexibility, much less interaction Among those who work and study in it, there is no feeling of working towards a single goal, nor is there leadership; All this does not allow that motivation and job satisfaction to be given, affecting productivity. It is concluded as achievements of the investigation, the justification of the problem, that is to say, to have confirmed the hypothesis and to have given account of the nature of the problem; on the other, present the proposal.

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