Intel taunts Apple after switch to M1 processor

The blow still hurts at Intel, and is that after Apple announced that it would stop using processors from that manufacturer in its Mac and MacBook computers, its former partner began an advertising campaign in which it boasts functions available in Windows computers and that, according to Apple itself, they are impossible on a Mac with an M1 processor.

Intel’s teasing is not subtle at all, and probably the one that has the most impact is the one that refers to the inability to use external graphics cards, which were used as a support for designers or audiovisual producers and that ended with Apple’s transition to the processor M1.

The rest of the allusions, while true, might not mean much to Apple fans, with Intel making a dent in the lack of mainstream HDMI and USB ports and replacing Apple with modern Type-C USBs. Taunted by the absence. support for the video game Rocket League on Mac computers and not to mention the multi-device designs that manufacturers such as Asus, HP or Lenovo have explored in laptops with touch screens and convertible to tablets.

Only a PC can power scientists and gamers alike. #GoPC

— Intel (@intel) February 10, 2021

Only a PC offers tablet mode, touch screen and stylus capabilities in a single device. #GoPC

— Intel (@intel) February 2, 2021

Will Intel’s campaign be an incentive for Apple fans to migrate to Windows computers? Probably not. However, there is no doubt that Intel lost a fundamental customer and that it represents an economic blow that, for now, we can only know from analyst estimates that suggest that Apple to save $ 2.5 billion by turning its back on Intel. Gain for Apple, but loss for Intel.

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