Interesting facts that very few know about Xiaomi

On April 6, 2010 Xiaomi was founded by Lei Jun, a businessman of Chinese origin who did not start his career in the smartphone industry, but in electronic commerce.

Lei Jun He wanted to have one of the most important online stores in the country, which is why he founded, however, its success and growth was so rapid that Amazon bought the company from him to compete against another eCommerce giant: Alibaba.

Amazon paid $ 75 million for With that money and the idea that Chinese companies could also manufacture quality products at affordable prices, he founded Xiaomi, and 10 years later the firm is the third brand that sells the most phones in the world, and aspires to become number one. in the next years.

For that reason, here we tell you some curious facts that very few people know about Xiaomi.

His name is not what everyone thinks

It is well known that Xiaomi is a word composed of “Xiao”, which in Chinese means small and “my”, which in this same language is rice. Which means that Xiaomi can be translated as small rice.

To this we must add that the firm has mentioned that the company’s objective has always been to start with the small things before targeting the bigger ones, however, “Xiao mi” is the reference to the first grain of rice before is edible, and refers to a Buddhist concept that says “a single grain of rice is as big as a mountain”, which means that grain by grain or step by step a mountain can be raised with effort and dedication.

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My: the most iconic phones

At the beginning, all Xiaomi phones were part of the Mi family, but in 2013 the Redmi family was created, which later became a sub-brand, as well as POCO. Now the Mi are usually the best Xiaomi phones.

Officially Mi is the acronym that means “Mobile Internet” which obviously goes hand in hand with the company’s turnaround and which, according to its founder, refers to the technological revolution and bringing innovation to all users.

But something very curious is that MI is also the abbreviation of the Hollywood films known as Mission Impossible, whose first installment is Lei Jun’s favorite movie.

A logo with hidden meaning?

The logo of the brand changed momentarily last year to celebrate 10 years of the firm, however, the brand continues to maintain the classic orange background with the word Mi in white.

The funny thing is that if the logo turns 180 degrees it looks like the Chinese character that means heart, although the firm has never confirmed or denied that this was the intention when the logo was designed.

Millions of dollars for the domain

For many years the domain of the brand was but later it was changed to in order to expand the brand in the West (Europe and America).

The change cost the firm $ 3.6 million.

That change positioned as one of the 30 most expensive domains on the entire Internet.

Xiaomi records

Currently Xiaomi holds the record for the largest simultaneous unboxing in history by 703 people in New York. This unboxing was not of any phone of the brand, but of a mystery box that contained Xiaomi products such as chargers, TV Box, Power banks and other accessories that were given to the participants.

The brand achieved the Guinness record by selling 15,000 Xiaomi Mi 3s in just two seconds when the model went on sale in India in 2013.

In 2015 the firm also achieved the largest sales record so far per day, as it managed to sell 2,112,010 phones in 24 hours.

During Christmas 2018 Xiaomi broke another Guinness record by opening 500 stores simultaneously in 14 states of India, which is one of the most important markets for the brand.

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