International transfers drop 36.2% in January 2021

Madrid, 17 Feb. (EFE) .- FIFA confirmed that 2,690 international transfers of players were registered in January, a figure that represents a decrease of 36.2% compared to the same period in 2020 and is the lowest in the last six years.

Data from the Transfer System (TMS) for January last year totaled 4,215 and those provided this Wednesday by FIFA also reflect a significant reduction in disbursement of 49.1%. A year ago this reached 1.16 billion dollars and now it stands at 590 million.

By countries, Spain leads the table of incorporated players with a total of 145, followed by Portugal with 143, England with 140 and Turkey with 123. Mexico and Colombia appear next with 77 and 66, respectively, and Albania, with 61 signings, It appears for the first time in the top ten for this concept since the introduction of the FIFA Transfer System (TMS).

The operations made by the Spanish clubs amounted to 19.3 million dollars.

Regarding the number of soccer players transferred, the first place is occupied by England with 178, ahead of Brazil with 134 and Spain in third place with 80. Argentina is in tenth position with 60.

UEFA clubs were the ones that released the most, with 1,557 this January (57.9% of the total), although the figure is down 18.4% compared to last year. Those from Africa appear in second position with 384 (14.3% of the total).

For player transfers, clubs from Italy, England, Brazil, Belgium, France, Austria, the United States, Germany, Scotland and Spain received a total of 428.2 million dollars (73.1%).

Italy with 95.8 million leads the group, ahead of England with 86.4 and Brazil with 43.6. Spain closes it with 18.1 million.

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Despite the general slowdown since the start of the pandemic in March last year, noted by FIFA in women’s football, the decline has been less marked.

Although there was a slight decrease in year-on-year transfers (177 worldwide compared to 185 in January 2020), transfer expenses grew considerably: clubs invested a total of $ 310,100, up 60% more than in the same period of 2020 ($ 193,600). EFE


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