Invest 94L subtropical system closer to being named: Epsilon

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Images of the Invest 94L subtropical system as of October 17, 2020 03 UTC with surface pressure, black line, and geopotential at 500 hPa, celestial, above, and the wide Atlantic area, below. Eumetrain- NHC

Satellite images indicate that the circulation of a species of non-tropical low pressure system located about 880 km east-southeast of Bermuda they continue to be better defined, and associated with rains and storms. Further development of this system is expected, with a subtropical depression likely to form over the next few days, as the low shifts to southeastern Bermuda.

The maximum sustained winds have intensified to 30 knots under a minimum pressure of 1009 hPa.

The subtropical system is being organized under relatively cool waters and its convection and storms are maintained thanks to the cold in height associated with a trough of 500 hPa, typical structure to maintain and organize the non-tropical type system.

Enhanced infrared image sequence associated with Invest 94 L of October 17, 2020. TropicalTidbits

The NHC gives you these probabilities of becoming a named subtropical storm:

* Probability of formation in 48 hours … media … 60 percent.
* Probability of formation in 5 days … high … 70 percent.

Currently, the system is south of a powerful blocking anticyclone on its northern flank that prevents it from being absorbed by mid-latitude flows. Its most likely trajectory is to head south over warmer waters and possibly strengthen and gain organization as a subtropical system.

Prediction of the trajectories and intensity of Invest 94L by different models. TropicalTidbits

If such a storm forms, it could be called Epsilon. Another broad zone of tropical low pressures is forming in the Caribbean and could dispute the name to the low near Bermuda.

Areas monitored for 5 days by the NHC: in red the one associated with Invest 94L and the yellow one to a wide area of ​​low pressure that would form in the Caribbean area. NHC
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