Investigating whether Hyundai used Apple Car negotiations to inflate its market value

The power of a brand like Apple’s goes beyond what we can imagine. The Cupertino people have an incredible responsibility to their name and reputation. And, among other things, they must take care not used inappropriately and without consent. But sometimes this is simply not in your power.

Will Hyundai make the Apple Car?

A few days ago, various names of car manufacturers began to appear in relation to a certain project that Apple would be carrying out. Major car brands around the world began to reveal the existence of negotiations with Apple for the manufacture of its future car. However, it seems that they have not yet come to fruition.

In any case, this does not imply that they have not been able to take advantage of it. In fact, that is what the South Korean authorities are investigating. Specifically, they are monitoring Hyundai’s movements which, according to Reuters, could have artificially inflated its market value sharing inside information in relation to a possible collaboration between both companies.

The result with respect to the process we already know, and that is that Hyundai will not manufacture the Apple Car. But many investors have been able to take advantage of the rise that experienced the company’s shares, up 21%. All this, between the announcement of the negotiations with Apple, and the statement in which they denied the negotiations regarding autonomous cars.

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For now, the investigations They will try to clarify if Hyundai sought to manipulate the market deliberately. If so, the company could get into trouble with the so-called South Korean Financial Services Commission. Of course, regardless of the conclusion they may reach, what has become clear is that just mentioning Apple can be a real bombshell.

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